September 21, 2021

SCO labelled projects

ECLAT: Develop a tool to provide early warning of crisis situations in the Lake Chad region through deep learning from satellite data. Project lead: CLS Group/SIRS

MANGROVES: Establish a platform to monitor mangroves globally using satellite data and derived products from the Data Terra research infrastructure. Project lead: IRD

ARBOCARTO: Predict densities of aedes and arbovirus-bearing mosquitoes by upgrading an existing tool. Project lead: CNES/Health

THERMOCITY: Compile regular urban temperature maps and derived products (urban heat island maps) with the French aerospace research agency ONERA and CSTB, the scientific and technical centre for building. Project lead: CNES

VIET-ARRO: Use Sentinel-1 imagery to conduct rapid assessments of post-typhoon impacts on crops in Vietnam. Project lead: CNES/IRD

OSS SAINT LOUIS: Conduct an in-depth study of the coastal environment of Senegal (define flood risks, propose new vulnerability indicators, etc.). Project lead: University of Rouen

SATLCZ: Improve production of heatwave sensitivity indicators at local climate zone (LCZ) scale in urban environments. Project lead: CEREMA

MEO-CLIMATE: Multi-product platform for rural territories in mainland France (mapping of water reserves, detection of solar panels, monitoring of farming practices, etc.). Project lead: MEOSS

VIMESCO-Rice: Develop a tool using radar imagery to monitor rice crops in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam’s ‘rice bowl’. Project lead: CNES

FLOODDAM: Use Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 imagery to map floods in near-real time and provide alerting. Project lead: CNES

CLIMHEALTH: Ease access to climate data from satellites (Sentinel-2) to gain new insights into the development of certain infectious diseases (malaria, leptospirosis). Project lead: IRD

LITTOSCOPE: Develop a tool for visualizing permanent and temporary coastal flooding risks. Project lead: CLS Group

FLAUDE: Develop a tool for analysing the consequences of severe and sudden climate events such as logjams in the Aude department of southern France. Project lead: CNES

EDUCSCO: Provide dedicated training for teachers to raise their awareness of how space is helping to understand and gauge climate change. Project lead: CNES

2021 projects

ADOPT: Provide regional nature parks in the Occitanie region of Southwest France with change impact indicators, particularly for climate impacts, to be able to track and assess their actions and establish coping scenarios. Project lead: E2L

BanD-SOS: Set up a pre-operational service for forecasting storm flooding and related social risks. Project lead: IRD/LEGOS

BOSCO: Co-build a service for estimating water levels in Brittany at very high spatial and temporal resolution to aid crop and water resource management. Project lead: University of Rennes

C-MONITOR: Obtain daily local emission estimates of anthropogenic CO2 and pollutants generated by fossil fuels. Project lead: CapGemini

CARTOVEGE: Develop a decision-support tool for conservation of flora and habitats in France’s Southern and Antarctic Territories. Project lead: University of Rennes

CHOVE-CHUVA: Develop a tool for tracking territorial trends with simple climate variable and land-use indicators. Project lead: CNRS/UMR LETG

EagleHedges: Characterize and track changes to bocage mixed woodland and pasture landscapes and their functions across a range of regions. Project lead: TerraNIS

EO4DroughtMonitoring: Develop a tool for characterizing, tracking and anticipating drought at regional level. Project lead: InSight SAS

EO4MountainPastoralism: Monitor the dynamics of high-altitude wetlands and link variations statistically and physically to indicators of services rendered by such landscapes. Project lead: A2S/Conectus

GADE LAPLI: Monitor in real time hydrometeorological risks in Haiti and more broadly changes in precipitations fuelled by climate change. Project lead: PREDICT Services

GEO4NAT: Decision-support tool to aid conservation of natural systems in the face of climate change and uncontrolled land take. Project lead: CLS/SIRS

Green Urban Sat: Develop methodologies for quantitative and qualitative assessment of ecosystem services rendered by urban vegetation. Project lead: CEREMA

Space4Irrig: Provide maps at very high spatial resolution (field level) of soil moisture, irrigated crops and real crop water needs in the Occitanie and PACA regions. Project lead: CESBIO

Migr-Safe: Ensure safe passage for migrating birds and protect their stopovers through networking of data. Project lead: CLS

OpHySE: Develop a platform for real-time monitoring of river status and navigability support. Project lead: Hydro Matters/LEGOS

ORION: Develop detailed maps of habitats, biodiversity indicators and heathland encroachment in the Alps. Project lead: CREA Mont-Blanc

QUANTICA: Assess at field level the carbon storage potential of intermediate vegetation cover. Project lead: Airbus DS GEO

SAMTool-Alert: Produce local and regional indicators for defining vulnerability to the risk of sargassum seaweed washing ashore. Project lead: CLS

SCO-Live: Set up an observatory for mapping all pests and diseases likely to affect olive groves. Project lead: ACRI-ST

Stock Water: Set up a system for monitoring reservoirs, especially their levels. Project lead: CNES

TAHATAI: Develop and automate collection and calculation of indicators to inform governance of coasts in French Polynesia. Project lead: Bluecham

TropiSCO: Use Sentinel-1 radar imagery for weekly global monitoring of deforestation in tropical regions. Project lead: GlobEO